Julie’s Picks:


10/10/11Videogame Tunes.

9/26/11Unrequited Love.

9/12/11 – Bittersweet & hopeful.

9/6/11 – Songs that inspire Joy.

1/10/12 – Best of the New Muppets.

2/8/12 – My Faves of the Glee series.


JM’s Picks:

10/17/11Best of the Gregory Brothers.



Changing Education Paradigms: It’s STILL Time for Change.

Anna Graceman – Age 11: A young singer/songwriter with a rich voice.

Get Happy – Two versions.  Hugh Laurie and Judy Garland.

Bees and Zombies – A love song by Rebecca Loebe.

Somebody That I Used to Know – One guitar, five players (Walk Off the Earth).

Practice Guitar not Tricks – The consequences of doing tricks instead of a sweet solo.

Digitals by Chris Crutchfield – a music representation technologic interruptions.

OkGo: Needing/Getting – Impressed, again.

Adele: Rolling In The Deep – New and Old Comparison

Rhapsody in Blue – A young musician wows on the harmonica


Featured Articles:

The Secret to Greatness – by Geoff Colvin

>Colvin explains how Hard work, Determination & lots of focused Practice gets people to their goals.



Framing Art

>If a world-class musician (Joshua Bell) plays, in civvies, in the subway, during rush hour, does anyone listen? In 2007, the Washington Post decided to find out and This Article was born.